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Mozaika launches the second version of the interactive map of the Buglarian language land

Mozaika launches the second version of the interactive map of the Buglarian language land, created in collaboration with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Have a look at: Мозайка пуска в експлоатация втората версия на интерактивната карта на българското езиково землище, създадена в сътрудничество с Българска академия на науките. Вижте тук:

Mozaika sponsors CLIB’2020

The Fourth International Conference on Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria (CLIB’2020) was held on 25-26 June 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This international conference aims to foster the NLP (natural language processing) community in Bulgaria and to further the cooperation with Bulgarian researchers working in NLP around the world through establishing…

IndustryInform’s opinion about COVID-19 crisis reaction of the Bulgarian industry featured in more than 20 media

IndustryInform’s analysis has discovered that more than 65 Bulgarian producers have adapted to the COVID-19 crisis by converting their production to protective masks, desinfectants, other protective matrials. This conclusion was driven from the review of companies that offer these products. IndustryInform reacted on the raising demand for such goods by compiling a repository called “COVID-19…

COVID-19 Help – IndustryInform’s respond to the Cornavirus outbreak

IndustryInform joins the fight against the coronavirus by putting together a registry of companies – producers or mercheants of personal protection materials such as masks, desinfectants, nutritional supplements, food supply. The companies are predominantly Bulgarian and most of them offer their own products. It is worth noting that about 70% of the Bulgarian producers have…

facilitating archive management across Europe

The linked open prototype of the Historical Archive of the European Commission has been published

Mozaika has been subcontracted to produce a linked open data prototype of hte Historical archive of the European Commission which ran within EPRS/ARCH/SER/16/013 – Lot 1 ‘Analysis and Studies’:ISA² Programme: Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations. 2017.01 ISA² Action: Standard-based archival data management, exchange and publication Phase 2: Work Package 4 – Link Open Data Mozaika…

Innovatiohship 2019 award for Mozaika

Innovationship 2019 award for Mozaika

Mozaika was awarded in December 2019 at the annual Innovationship 2019 event with a mentoring session by the Bulgarian Development Bank. The company met with representatives of the Bank in the beginning of February 2020 and learned about the rules and opportunities that the Bank offers for financing business initiatives.