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Mozaika sponsors Queryada, the annual competition organized by Varna Free University in November 2018

The annual Queriada was held in November 2018 at Varna Free University. About 50 participants competed in three categories of challenges – modelling, SQL and semantic querying. Mozaika supported the semantic querying challenge, by providing the prices of the 16 participants in the winning teams – a variety of data science courses from UDEMY, individually…

Mozaika will produce content management system with maps of the manifestation of lexical phenomena throughout Europe

Mozaika kicks-off participation in the project “Linguogeographic Study of the Relations between the Bulgarian and the European Dialect Lexicon” in collaboration with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, funded by the fund “Scientific studies”, Bulgarian Ministry of Education. In this project Mozaika will produce interactive maps of the manifestation of lexical phenomena throughout Europe.

Mozaika featured at the international conference “Knowledge and Smart Cities”, held on november 26th 2018 at Sofia Tech Park

In 2018 Mozaika has become member of the cluster “Sofia – City of knowledge” that organized the international conference Knowledge and Smart Cities, focused on the systematic approach of transforming cities into knowledge & smart cities and the role of digitalization and local governmental policies for accelerating this process. Representatives of all stakeholders shared experience, ideas…