project development

Project development

Need a trusted partner to manage and develop your project? We have a proven track record of successfully mounting project concepts, teams and proposals in the fields of disruptive engineering solutions, R&D in the knowledge intense and information based solutions, for instance large data integration and management projects such as the Semantic Knowledge Base for…

Mozaika presents at Phi-Week 2019

Mozaika presents at Phi-Week 2019 (link: For the second time Mozaika attends the organized by ESA Phi-Week held at ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. The company presented e-poster entitled: “Ontology-Based Semantic Search over Linked Satellite, Geospatial, Numeric and Symbolic Data in the Water Management Domain”. The posted video in the ESA Open Science YouTube channel has…



Mozaika has solutions and expertise in several earas of AI They are : semantic information infrastructures forecasting with deep learning all facets of natural language processing language resources search question answering dialogue machine translation discourse semantics etc. reasoning and inference ontological models   For more information write to:

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction

Mozaika has expertise in different facets of human-computer interaction with natural language processing, such as natural langauge to ontology interoperability; natural language understanding; dialogue systems and modelling; speech-enabled interaction; voice biometrics.   For more information write to:

Content Mapping

Content mapping

Mozaika has track record of content mapping solutions in teh cultural heritage domain. Here they are: an interactive map of the Bulgarian dialects (link: for the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; a map of the Bulgarian lexical dialects (link: for the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; a…

Content Management Systems

Content management systems

Mozaika delivers content management systems with different capabilities. Here are they: Content management solution (link: for the French Institute in Bulgaria featuring the French University programmes offered in Bulgaria . Geography of Letters (link: a content management system for publishing geo-located information related to letters and user generated content with first collection an…

Information Infrastructures

Information infrastructures

Mozaika builds information infrastructures based on linked data technologies that cater to end users or the software applications. Here are they: IndustryInform (link:, a commercial offering of Mozaika, is intended to help business owners and CEOs better target and forecast their markets, investors to evaluate the potential of a company, business consultants to bring…