Mozaika publishes a map of Bulgarian lexical dialects

The first version of the Map of the lexical manifestations of Bulgarian dialects is a reality. The team of Mozaika joined efforts with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to map the wording of patatoe, barley, branches and display them with the help of a geographic information system. Have a look:

Mozaika attends the Living Planet Symposium 2019

Living Planet Symposium 2019 – an event held every three years gathered in Milano about 5K participants – exhibitors, speakers, poster presenters, policy makers from ESA, NASA and EC to exchange information about scientific advances, views, future opportunities and plans related to the space sector and earth observation. An excellent networking opportunity that Mozaika savoured…

Mozaika attends the Seventh Coface Bulgaria Risk conference

Mozaika took part in the Seventh Coface Bulgaria Risk conference held on April 18th 2019 at Hilton hotel Sofia. the conference featured and discussed trends and risks about the world, the regional and the Bulgarian economy.