Mozaika is a brand with 110 years of history. Mozaika of Great Contemporary Novels was founded in 1909 and was the first publishing house for foreign literature in Bulgaria after the Liberation. A family enterprise, it offered highest quality literature and world class authors to the Bulgarian reader along with innovative translation approaches. For its…



Mozaika carries on the trandition of the original Mozaika of Great Contemporary Novels, by publishing scientific book series A Touch to the Hydropower Engineer. Eng. Kamen Damov. Articles collection, Mozaika 2011 The Dialect system of village Sistevec, Kukyska Gora. Author Luchia Antonova, Mozaika 2017 Foundations of the Semantic Web. Authors Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian…

Water Resources Management

Water resources management

Mozaika has a solution for dam monitoring that makes use of satellite data and in-situ measurements along with geospatial information from GIS and symbolic domain knowledge to present an integrated system for: monitoring of the water resources in the dams, forecasting water levels and warning about hazardouse situations, 4 types of semantic search capabilities, synchronized…

Business solutions

Business information delivery

IndustryInform (http://www.industryinform.com) is an innovative Data As  A Service service that simplifies the way business  owners, managers and manufacturers get industry data and develop their  businesses.  It meets needs for market development, competition analysis, review of a  particular economic sector, marketing research, finance, related people. This is possible thanks to: Reports and conclusions of expert…

Data as a service


Our Data as a Service facilities are designed to enrich and improve your services. They cater to end users via graphical user interfaces and in B2B mode as components of larger software applications, connecting via API. For example, IndustryInform (industryinform.com) serves semantically integrated business and industry data from diverse sources in both end user and…

Infrastructure as a service


You need Intelligence as a service if you need to collect and organise massive data structures into a system that turns them into conclusions. We build intelligent modules on top of complex semantic data infrastructures and provide the results of the applied intelligence as added value to our customers in end user mode, via a…

project development

Project development

Need a trusted partner to manage and develop your project? We have a proven track record of successfully mounting project concepts, teams and proposals in the fields of disruptive engineering solutions, R&D in the knowledge intense and information based solutions, for instance large data integration and management projects such as the Semantic Knowledge Base for…



Mozaika has solutions and expertise in several earas of AI They are : semantic information infrastructures forecasting with deep learning all facets of natural language processing language resources search question answering dialogue machine translation discourse semantics etc. reasoning and inference ontological models   For more information write to: contact@mozajka.co

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction

Mozaika has expertise in different facets of human-computer interaction with natural language processing, such as natural langauge to ontology interoperability; natural language understanding; dialogue systems and modelling; speech-enabled interaction; voice biometrics.   For more information write to: contact@mozajka.co