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Public appearances and achievements of Mozaika


Humanizing Technologies - what is this?

A public presentation on Humanizing technologies by Mariana Damova, PhD was held at Smart FabLab, Sofia, organized by Digital Spaces Living Labs and Transformatori.

Links to the Invitation, and to the Presentation


Mozaika - The Humanizing Technologies Lab presented at LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels

Mozaika - the Humanizing Technologies Lab was selected for the "Best of LT" run-up at the LT-Innovate Summit. Mariana Damova, PhD presented the company. 


Mozaika signs a contract for cooperation with CASTRA (Cluster AERO-SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, RESEARCH and APPLICATIONS)

On Friday, August 8th 2014, Mozaika signed a framework contract for cooperation with CASTRA. (Cluster AERO-SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS). Mozaika's contribution to the research activities in the cluster is expected to be in the realm of data and content integration and analytics.  


Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab presented at CLIB2014. 

Mozaika was invited and took part in the Language Technologies Exhibition of CLIB2014 along with SAP, DATECS, Sofia University and others. 


Mozaika attends I-KNOW conference on Knowledge technologies and data-driven business

Mozaika was invited and took part at a workshop on Big Data


Mozaika presents at ISWC'2014

Mozaika is presenting at ISWC'2014 two papers about miltilingual retrieval interface for structured data on the Web in colaboration with the University of Gothenburg. NLIWoD ; ISWC'2014


Succesful completion of Mozaika's contribution to DM2E project

Digital Manuscripts to Europeana (DM2E) European FP7 project created a technical infrastructure and tools for working with digitized manuscripts, based on Semantic technologies. Manuscripts from different periods of European history were contributed by different European Cultural Institutions to be represented in the designed withinthe project DM2E model and published to Europeana. Mozaika helped the project and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to produce and publish the DM2E version of Codex Suprasliensis, a Cyrillic manuscript copied at the end of the tenth or beginning of the eleventh century, is the largest extant Old Church Slavonic manuscript from the Preslav literary school (first Bulgarian kingdom). It is one of the earliest testimonials to the reception of Orthodox Christianity among the Slavs. The manuscript contains twenty-four vitae of Christian saints for the month of March and twenty-three homilies for triodion cycle of the church year. In content it is a lectionary menaeum (or panegyric), combined with homilies from the movable Easter cycle, most of which were written by or are attributed to John Chrysostom.  The DM2E semantic representation of this muniscript is available for review here. It will soon be part of Europeana collection. More about the results of DM2E project can be seen here.


Mozaika attends the Riga Summit 2015 on Multilingual Single Digital Market 

Mozaika took part in the Riga Summit 2015, an official European forum, where the importance of removing the language blocking for the European Single Digital Market has been discussed. 


Participation in EuroDIG 2015 - European Dialogue on Internet Governance

Flash presentation entitled Communication Channels for the European Digital Single Market (DSM) explaining the importance of language as a factor of enabling the realization of the vision of the DSM was delivered by Mariana Damova. The presentation can be seen on SlideShare here


Mozaika presented its project IndustryInform at the LT-Innovate Summit 2015 on June 25 2015 in Brussels. A lot of valuable feedback was gathered. The presentation can be seen on SlideShare here


Mozaika hosts a public presentation of Prof. Sabine Bergler, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada on Tweeting beyond Facts

On September 10 2015 at 7:00 PM, Professor Sabine Bergler from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada gave a talk entitled Tweeting Beyond Facts – The Need for a Linguistic Perspective in the New Conference Hall of Sofia University. She presented research and research results carried out at her CLaC Lab, specializing in modeling extra-propositional material for text interpretation. This includes reported speech, speculative language, negation, modality, sentiment analysis. Mozaika introduced Professor Sabine Bergler to the Bulgarian audience in collaboration with the Data Science Society. More information about the event can be found here

photos Juliana Nikolova Photography


Mozaika creates a Content Management System for the French Embassy in Bulgaria

Mozaika helped the French Embassy launch a content management system for the French University Programmes offered at Bulgarian Univerisities. The company leveraged the requirements of the French Institute in Buglaria and the Agency of the Francophone Universities to design and develop The site was officially announced in September 2015.


Mozaika attends Time for Data and Innovation is Great, two events organized by the British Embassy in Sofia at Sofia Tech Park

On December 3rd, Mozaika attended two events - Great Innovation Exchange and Time for Data - organized by the British Embassy in Sofia and Sofia Techpark, as part of British Prime Minister David Cameron's Drive for EU competitiveness. During the two events British and Bulgarian government officials and businessmen presented a range of examples of good practices and achievements related to innovation encouragement, enablement and realization. Successful collaboration projects between leading British and Bulgarian scientists from Oxford University, Cambridge University and Sofia University, British companies with profitable operations in Bulgaria, and Bulgarian companies with noticeable penetration on the British market were presented. It is worth to point out that Mozaika is involved in two of the three mentioned exemplary initiatives for British Bulgarian collaboration by the Regional Director, Central and Eatern Europe of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), Mr. Tom Salusburry, e.g. Ontotext and CASTRA. Time for Data event featured Bulgarian initiatives, public and government oragnizations operating with data and the Bulgarian Open Data Portal. This event was under the Patronage of Deputy Minister Rumyana Bachvarova and the British Embassy in Sofia.

The two events were accompagnied by an exhibition of British technological achievemments - Innovation is Great. It was inaugurated and visited by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President of Bulgaria Rossen Plevneliev and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

The Great Innovation Exchange initiative was under the Patronage of Prime Minister David Cameron.

These two events were the first to be carried out at the new Sofia TechPark preceding its official opening on December 10th 2016.


Mozaika joins the European Data Science Academy (EDSA) project

The European Data Science Academy (EDSA) project aims at establishing a learning production cycle for data science. Its objectives are to analyse the required sector specific skillsets for data analysts across the main industrial sectors in Europe; to develop modular and adaptable data science curricula to meet these needs; and to deliver training supported by multi-platform and multilingual learning resources based on our curricula. Mozaika was invited to join the project as a representative (Champion) for  Bulgaria. We will carry out series of interviews with data science experts, managers and practitioners in order to depict the state of data science landscape in Bulgaria and help extract data science skillset and learning curricula requirements for pan-European data science programmes.


Mozaika sponsors Startup Europe Week Sofia

Mozajka sponsored Startup Europe Week Sofia, a chapter of the concerted Europe wide event Startup Europe Week. Startup Europe Week has been created to include all the European regions in a startup focused program.
Many global initiatives have been created to celebrate entrepreneurship. Typically, such events follow the Silicon Valley format (keynote motivational speeches, networking sessions etc).
But Europe is different and requires something more when it comes to starting a business. Regional diversity and local policy making play a big role in shaping European startups. European regions are key players, from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks. Startup Europe Week is a bottom up movement that aims to set up a meetup in every single region of Europe to inform startups about the available support and resources both at local and EU level. The goal of the Startup Europe Week (SEW) is to bring together as many regions as possible with the valuable support from Startup Europe and the EU Committee of the Regions. The goal of Startup Europe Week is to bring together entrepreneurs and regions, closing a gap that is very unique in Europe - the importance of local / regional support in new business creation. Over 250 regions with the support of more than 400 organizers mobilized their ecosystem to inform startups and to tap all the resources available.
Startup Europe Week Sofia (SEW Sofia Facebook page)  was held on February 2nd 2016 at VIVACOM Art Hall. The event was opened by Ognian Zlatev, Head of Representation of EC in Bulgaria, followed by SEW presentation given by me, and five panels: EU and Governments funds, Legal Framework, VC funds and Accelerators, Success Stories, Social Entrepreneurship. The participants of the panels were all distinguished and well recognized professionals in their fields. Representatives of all Ministries that operate EU funds accepted our invitation to present the programs. They were at the level of General Director and Deputy Director or State expert.
The feedback from the community has been great. One of the successes of the event was the get together of communities that usually hold meetings separately, and engage young people who are interested, but unfamiliar with Sofia Startup Ecosystem. The hall was full until the very end of the long day, and the audience did not get tired asking questions on a variety of topics.
Mariana Damova hosted the SEW Sofia event.


Mozaika presents Semantic Web Technologies at the Software University in Sofia

On April 26th 2016 Mariana Damova gave a talk on Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies at the Sofitware University in Sofia at the Inspiration Lab. In her presentation she stressed the novel aspects of data management in the 21st century and the solution that the Semantic Web Technologies provide for them. The talk was abundant with examples of Semantic Web applications, and the history of the conception of SemTech. The applicative part of ontology modelling and building proper Semantic Web applications was left for a full graduate course on the subject. Details of the presentation including video can be found here.


The European Space Agency (ESA) is organizing a series of technical and/or scientific trainings that are aimed at the promotion and dissemination of Earth Observation (EO) technology in a variety of science and industrial fields.

In 2016 ESA in cooperation with the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Geodesy and Ministry of Economy is organizing a Radar Remote Sensing training course that is addressed to participants from universities, scientific communities, institutions and organizations that are making use of geoinformation. The course will provide participants with an introduction to radar remote sensing technology as well as examples of end-user applications of this technique within the environmental field.

The course is dedicated to researchers, students, PhD students, and young professionals from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Malta and Croatia (PECS/Plan for European Cooperating States) that use EO technology within their daily work and would like to improve their knowledge of radar remote sensing.

Mozaika, represented by Mariana Damova, took part at the training as a member of CASTRA.


Mozaika at IT rencontres francophones

Mozaika presented the profiles of the open IT positions at the first edition of IT rencontres francophones on June 17 2016 in Sofia. The facebook page of the event is:

We met with many international talents from all over the world living, studying and working in Sofia.


Mozaika attends the European Data Forum 2016

This year the European Data Forum was held in Evoluon, a building constructed for the 75th anniversary of Philips, the company which was founded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in the end of 19th century and has an exemplary track record of innovation throughout its existence until nowadays.

The Forum was dedicated to Scaling Up the European Data Economy, and featured world leaders from Academia and Industries who presented achievements, opportunities and visions of employing data science for the benefit of society and for disrupting many traditional economic sectors, as well as the initiatives of the European Commission encouraging the creation of value from data.

Images from the event have been published on flickr here.


Mozaika explores business opportunities at Industry Space Days 2016

The biggest annual event for space industry specifically oriented to industries, business and companies welcomes Mozaika. We could identify a lot of partnership and collaboration opportunities in a variety of domains related to applicability of space technology of earth, and relevant for space exploration, earth observation and use cases for data science. A very full and intense with encounters two days. Stay tuned!


Mozaika - sponsor at Big Data Value Association Summit 2016 in Valencia Spain

The annual Big Data Value Association Summit for 2016 was held in Valencia Spain between 30 of November and 3 of December 2016. About 500 participants from Academia, Industries and the Public sector had the opportunity to share insight, present work, ideas, policies and strategic plans at the very well organized three day event. Mozaika was a Gold sponsor at it, and got featured in the conference materials, a video interview and had its own boot in the exhibition area of the conference venue - The Polytechic University of Valencia.  


Meet 9 Women Leading The Pack In Data Analytics

Forbes lists Mariana Damova, CEO of Mozaika, among the 9 Women Leading The Pack In Data Analytics in a featured article from August 2016. The article is at this link


Mozaika featured in Big Data Value Association Summit video 

A video presenting opinions of EU officials, industry leaders, practitioners and sponsors on Big Data value and data economy made during BDVA summit 2016, held in Valencia, Spain in November 2016, has just been released. Enjoy it. Mozaika's testimonial is at minute 9:38. Link to the video


For the second year Mozaika sponsors Startup Europe Week Sofia,part of the European initiative Startup Europe Week aiming at contributing to the creation of a pan-european entrepreneurship ecosystem by engaging inter and intra regional communication. The event was held on  09.02.2017, 12:00-17:30 in the House of Europe in Sofia.

Mariana Damova was host of the event, one of the organizers and gave the introductory SEW presentation.

Photos Juliana Nikolova Photography


New book published by Mozaika

Mozaika publishes the book by Luchia Antonova Vassileva, The Dialect System of village Shishtevec, Kukyska Gora - a parlance at the boundary of the Bulgarian Grammar, a study conducted at the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, describing the properties of the parlance of the village in Albania, and proving its Bulgarian nature. The official presentation of the book will take place on March 9, 2017 at the Big Conference Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences at 11:00 AM. It is available for purchase at the store network of CIELA, HELIKON nation wide, at Greenwich in Sofia, at the bookestores of Sofia University and of the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, as well as online at One can order it here.


Presentation of the book published by Mozaika

The presentation of the book "The Dialect System of the village Shishtevec, Kukyska Gora - a Parlance at the Boundary of the Bulgarian Grammar" by Luchia Antonova-Vassileva, published by Mozaika was held on March 9th, 2017 at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences before an audience of members of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, scientists, linguists, philologists, historians, politicians, students and citizens. Mozaika hosted the event. Here are moments from it.

Photos Juliana Nikolova Photography


Mozaika attends the annual event Innovation is Great

For the second year Sofia Tech Park hosts the event Innovation is Great, organized and patroned by the British Embassy in Bulgaria. During the meeting British and Bulgarian government officials and representatives discussed paths, strategies and best practices to increase, nurture and monetize innovation by encouraging and enabling collaboration between academic research, business opportunities and talent.



The Spirituality of Sofia in the Historical Memory - a new project of Mozaika co-funded by Sofia Municipality and with the participation of Sofia University

This april 1st Mozaika kicked-off a project with Sofia Municipality and with Sofia University and prominent Bulgarian schools, such as the National Lycee for Ancient Languages and Cultures. The project is entitled the Spirituality of Sofia in the Historical Memory, that will be featured during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council in 2018. The project will deliver a map of transcripts of the History of Paisij Hilendasrki with metadata provided by leadning Bulgarian scholars and additional linked information. There will be a student competition and an international conference linked to the event. Stay tuned.


Mozaika attends WebIt held in April 2017 in Sofia

Webit.Festival Europe is the leading event for digital economy and technology in Europe with special focus on the Central and Eastern Europe and the untapped potential of the region. The event gathers 5100+ people from over 90 countries. Mozaika attends for the third time the event that takes place in Sofia every year. Leading experts in technology and innovation, executives of big corprations, evangelists presented their views about the future of the world with advanced intelligent technology from different stand points. StartUps pitched their ideas throughout the entire conference, and special Award ceremony honoured the most outstanding achievements in a variety of categories touching upon impacts on society, ingenuity, public administration, city infrastructure, advertisement, etc. For three days Sofia has turned into the digital capital of Europe with networking sessions at multiple bars in the very down town of the city.



Mozaika featured as employer at EBBS Sofia in March 2017

Education beyond borders organizes regular international events in Sofia to promote education and career opportunities around the world. This year in March Mozaika took part as employer offering career opportunities for young professionals in areas ranging from graphic design, computer science, software engineering, linguistics, business consulting, cognitive scientists, data analysts all applied to humanizing technologies.



Next Generation of Internet Summit at the European Parliament in Brussels, June 2017, Mozaika attending

In the framework of the Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission launched its “Next Generation Internet Initiative” to drive the development of the internet for the benefit of companies and citizens via regulation, policy initiatives and funding programmes. The Next Generation Internet Summit  aimed to be the largest public consultation on the future of the internet, involving both experts and citizens across Europe. The Next Generation Internet Summit gathered leading policy makers, renewed innovators, researchers and citizens who discussed themes and approaches geared towards fostering the development of the internet, and more precisely the WWW, as a powerful, open, data-driven, user-centric, interoperable platform ecosystem, for the benefit of companies and citizens. Paying attention to humanity, education, human and social aspects of shaping the vision forthe future internet was the main focus of the working sessions dedicated to the education that Mozaika attended. 

Mozaika also participated in two public consultations about data access and re-use and data access and APIs.


Mozaika at ESA R&D Proposal Writing Training

In July ESA held R&D Proposal Writing Training with the participation of representatives of SMEs from more than 10 countries EU member states. It included on site preparation of a proposal responding to an exemplary call for tender by setup teams. Mozaika was part of one of the teams, and contributed to the crafting of the proposal and its successful and timely delivery. A post mortem breakout session by ESA top experts and officers analyzed the results of the submitted proposals. Certificates of completion of the course have been distributed at the end.


Mozaika presents at a Roundtable on Future Perspectives for Digital Humanities in South-Eastern Europe

The 4th Summer School in Advanced Tools for Digital Humanities and IT was held between 7th and12th of September 2017 in Borovets near Sofia. Within this event there was a Roundtable on thefutureperspectives for Digital Humanities in South-Eastern Europe where Mariana Damova from Mozaika was invited to present its project The Spirituality of Sofia in the Historic Memory, endorsed and co-funded by the Programme "Culture" of Sofia Municipality, and to participate in the discussion. A lotof potential partnerships were drawn during this event.


Mozaika at Innowave 2017 in Varna

The conference Innowave 2017 in Varna featuring outstanding lecturers and panelists from Amazon, DHL, Alibaba, Google, and world reknown Business and Marketing gurus gathered an international business community, startup community and proactive young entrepreneurs in the Black Sea Capital of Bulgaria. The exhibitors were predominantly young companies.


Space Tech Expo Europe, held in Bremen, is Europe's premier B2B Space engineering event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space related technologies and draws attendance from thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil, military and commercial space. Space Tech Expo Europe is Europe's major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, design, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space-qualified components. Mozaika attended the event as visitor, and was able to touchbase with the leading space technologies providers, mostly in the manufacturing domain, and the new trends and visions for the future of space industry world wide.


On October 26th 2017 Sofia Tech Park hosted a high profile Digital Unconference Sofia 1.0. The initiative has been dedicated to gather leading policymakers, disruptive technology companies and stakeholders in the digital ecosystem to brainstorm how Europe can build a digital society fit for the future days before the start of 2018 Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The Unconference, unlike the traditional conferences, is a participant-driven format which stimulates active participation of all the attendants rather than sticking to the specific roles of moderators and speakers. The expected outcome of the unconference sessions is to transform the collective knowledge into brief extracts from all the panels which will be shared with the EU Commission. Mozaika took part in the afternoon pannel sessions on digital citizenship and Big data.


International conference for the launch of the site

Mozaika's site Geography of Letters, co-financed by Programme "Culture" of Sofia Municipality, was launched at an international conference entitled "The Pathways of Slavo-Bulgarian History by Paisij Hilendarski", held on October 26th 2017 in hall 2 of Sofia University "St. Climent Ohridski". The conference was inaugurated with a formal greeting from d-r Todor Chobanov, Deputy Mair of Sofia with portfolio culture. The programme of the conference included  presentation of the site by d-r Mariana Damova and lectures by Prof.d-r Margaret Dimitrova from Sofia University, d-r Dimitar Peev from Sofia University and from Humbolt University in Berlin, Associate Curator M.A. Johnson ?? Hilandar Research Library, Ohio State University and d-r Adelina Angusheva-Tihanova from Manchester University. The response on the qualitiesof the site and the opportunities is offers for researchers and educators as well as for the general public was very positive. 

We thank Sofia municipality and Sofia University for the support. 

The final conference of the project will be held on November 28 2017 in the Aula of Sofia University "St. Climent Ohridski".


Mozaika at ICT Proposer's Day for the Horizon 2020 programme 2018-2020

Mozaika networks at ICT Proposer's Day for the Horizon 2020 programme of 2018-2020 help in Budapest.

Mariana Damova is at the vent with two roles: representing Mozaika, discovering partnerships and project opportunities and National Contact Point ICT, figuring out how to help Bulgarian companies and organizations increase their participation in the programme.

This time no sightseeing was on the agenda.


Mozaika at World GIS day 2017

Mozaika was intvited to attend the World GIS day 2017, held in Sofia on November 15th, 2017. At this day policy makers recognized the increasing importance of GIS in everyday operations of many areas of our lives and governance. The most recent novelties in AcrGIS were also presented at this brilliantly organized event.


Mozaika sponsors European Big Data Value Forum 2017, held in Versailles, 21-23 of November this year. This is the premier annual conference gathering research, industry and policy makers to discuss the present and future of data economy and the value of turning data into insight and intelligence to enable decision making, complex tasks automation, smoother ran operations. The current research topics that stood out were those touching upon ethics, trust, privacy preserving, humanity centric design in AI, the AI that has been associated with less and less "artificial" and more and more "Intelligence" lately.


Final conference of Mozaika's project "The Spirituality of Sofia in the Historic Memory"

The final conference of Mozaika's project "The Spirituality of Sofia in the Historic Memory", co-financed by Sofia Municipality with partners Sofia University "St. Climent Ohridski", the National Lycee of Ancient Languages and Cultures "St. Constantin Kiril The Philosopher", and 48 School, was held on November 28th 2017 in the Aula of Sofia University. The European dimension of the History of Paisij Hilendarski was presented and discussed during the conference, along with the presentation of the created during the project interactive site of the copies of the manuscript, Geography of Letters, the presentation of the student work for the two competitions, organized during the project, and award ceremony for the participants in the competition. The conference was inaugurated by a congratulatory address from Dr Todor Chobanov, Deputy Mair of Sofia, from Dr Georgi Valchev, Vice Rector of Sofia University, and from Prof. Gergana Dacheva, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Slavic Languages of Sofia University.


Mozaika attends Space Info Days 2017

Mozaika attends Horizon 2020 Space Info Days 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. This event gathered officials from the European Commission, and Polish and European scientists, scientific and corporate organizations to exchange ideas and find opportunities to participate in Horizon 2020 Space Programme in the next two years. The event offered a glimpse at the upcoming FP9 Work Programme.


Mozaika featured in the Business section of Capital

Mozaika's IndustryInform feautres have been put forward in an interview by Gergana Mihaylova from Capital Business. The interview tackles issues of business information delivery, business intelligence and knowledge work automation. It can be read in Bulgarian here.


Mozaika signs an R&D contract with ESA 

On January 18th 2018 Mozaika signs a 24 month contract with the European Space Agency within its PECS Programme. Mozaika will conduct and deliver R&D in the area of Earth observation.


Industry 4.0 talk by Mozaika kicks off the Tech Talks initiative of LEM

On 30ieth of January 2018 Mariana Damova from Mozaika, kicked-off the initiative of the CEO of LEM, Anelia Pergoot, Tech Talks, with a presentation about Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies, in which she presented the powerful potential of semantic data integration and linked data as a key technology for achieving the next industrial revolution of digital factoris, also known as Industry 4.0.


Mozaika sponsors Startup Europe Week Sofia 2018

Mozaika sponsors for the third time Startup Europe Week Sofia. This annual event within the initiative Startup Europe Week #SEW will be held between March 6th and March 8th 2018 in Microsoft Innovation Center Bulgaria (March 6th and 7th) and MOVE.BG (March 8th). The program this year is dedicated to the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action. It features panels about first steps in entrepreneurship, public and privat programmes, initiatives and organizations supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, instruments for financing angels, venture capital, accelerators, pre-accelerators, good examples of successful Bulgarian startups with international exposure, and such addressing societal challenges. The extra exhibition will let innovative startups to showcase their products and services.

The Startup Europe Week 2018 official video features Mariana Damova, the CEO of Mozaika.


Mozaika featured at Smart Cities Summit at Inter Expo Center in Sofia

Mozaika is presenting tomorrow, March 27th 2018, at the Smart Cities Summit
at Inter Expo Center - Sofia in Sofia exhibiting as part of the Cluster "Sofia - a city of knowledge". 

See the presentation here:

 link to the presentation


Mozaika at Paris Space Week

Paris Space Week was held on March 28th and 29th 2018 at Orly Airport. Mozaika forged a number of productive business meetings with representatives of the French and international space industry.



Mariana Damova, CEO of Mozaika, presents at Women in Data Science (WiDS) at Alan Turing Institute in London

The Stanford Women in Data Science conference (WiDS) is a one day global conference that brings data scientists together to share cutting edge research. The conference aims to inspire and encourage data scientists worldwide and exclusively support women in the field. Alan Turing Institute in London hosted a chapter of the conference on April 6th 2018. Different facets of data science - theory, practice, education and policy - have been discussed during a the day in front of greatly motivated audience. Mariana Damova gave a presentation by invitation. Her topic was Data Infrastructures and their Value to Data Intensive Services. The day enjoyed presentations by women mathematicians, statisticians, entrepreneurs, practitioners, domain experts, government officials. Mariana Damova from Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab, was the only representative from a non Great Britain based organization at the event. The presentation can be seen at this link.


SHEleader@Digital - Mozaika attending

SHEleader@Digital conference within the Bulgarian Presidency of the EC, held on April 12th 2018, focused on leadership with only outstanding women participants from around the world discussing topics about entrepreneurship, policies, good practices, strength, resilience, work life balance and the role and place of women in these facets.


Balkans from Space conference in Sofia attended by Mozaika 

Balkans form Space, 18-19 of April 2018

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU have set as priorities, inter alia, to promote the digital economy, jobs for young people and security and stability in the Western Balkans. Coordinated efforts to develop a regional research and development strategy for innovation was launched as early as 2009 by the ministers from the Western Balkans responsible for science and research, the European Union commissioner for science and research, joined later by the World Bank.

In this context, Earth observation provides significant contributions to the digital economy through a series of innovative services and a wealth of data. Pilot projects, developed notably under ESA programmes, have demonstrated capabilities to support Blue Growth, Agriculture, Water Management and Security and Stability policies.

More information - here


Mozaika exhibits at the "Salon du livre" in Veliko Tyrnovo

Mozaika took part in the "Salon du livre" in Veliko Tyrnovo on April 20 and 21, 2018. It presented the book "The Dialect System of Shishtevec, Kukyska gora" by Lucia Antonova, that the company published in February 2017. 


Mozaika - Local organizer and Sponsor of Big Data Value Meetup Sofia

Big Data Value Meetup Sofia was held 14-16 of May 2018 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. It was organized by BDVe project, BDVA and Mozaika. During three days the European elite in Big data, representatives and leaders of 25 Horizon 2020 projects in Big data from all over Europe gathered to discuss the advances in their activities, future projects and to network. Representatives of the European Commission presented highlights of the priorities for funding on research and innovation in the next programming period. The event was endorsed by the presence of the Bulgarian Ministry of Eudcation and Ministry of Transport, IT and Communication, the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, and a video address from Commissioner Maria Gabriel. About 70% of the participants visited Sofia and Bulgaria for the first time and expressed interest and excitement to return to the country soon. Mozaika, the local organizer, received plenty of positive feedback. This event was first of a series of events to be held throughout Europe with the purpose to create a pan-European ecosystem of Big Data Value practitioners and stakeholders. In this sense it was pioneering. Two days of expert workshops were followed by an open event in which Bulgarian data professionals and stakeholders  met with their European colleagues to discuss topics ranging from digital transformation through capacity building in achieving the data economy and principles and practices in data sharing. 

The event pictures can be seen here          Commissionner Mariya Gabriel's address can be seen here



Mozaika took part in the F2F business meetings at WATIFY in Sofia

#INSPIRE2TRANSFORM brings insights on technology, transformation and innovation toSofia for a day of learning, co-creation and connection. Like-minded innovation leaders came together fromacross Europe who told their stories and forged their future. The WATIFY event, held on May 2nd at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, has been an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe's business.

Mozaika held a several F2F business meetings at the organized business to business match making session.



Mozaika at the First FinnTech Summit in Sofia

The First FinnTech Summit, May 30 2018, discussed trends and opportunities in Bulgaria in the near future, the upcoming disruption of the banking sector world wide, good practices, the ecosystem, and the potential role of Sofia Lab as leader in these endeavours in Bulgaria.


DigitalK 2018 attended by Mozaika

The 8th edition of DigitalK Conference gathered leading stakeholders in the digital sector world wide. The two day event (31.05.2018-01.06.2018) hosted presenters from global companies, successful entrepreneurs, accelerators, who discussed topics around digital marketing, story telling, blockchain, finntech, funding, acceleration, etc. A competition with more than 200 startups awarded a price of 10K Euro to help realize their idea. Mozaika in attendance met with Endurosat, the company that launched the first fully Bulgarian satelite at the end of May.


Mozaika at the Copernicus for Water Management Workshop at the European Commission in Brussels

Water Management Workshop at the European Commission in Brussels, May 29, 2018, Mozaika attending. The meeting provided a great overview of the sector and the past, current and future priorities of the sector at European level. Presenters reported about the usage of Copernicus data for national water management initiatives with practical impact.


IndustryInform of Mozaika presented at Science and Business for Smart Future in Varna

Science and Business for Smart Future, a conference organized at Varna Free University, featured Mozaika in the panel data Science for Business. Mariana Damova presented the case of Linked data technologies and the service IndustryInform.


Mozaika attends Digital Assembly 2018 in Sofia

Digital Assembly, an annual event that has been included this year into the programme of the Buglarian Presidency of EC, gathered all stakeholders of the digital economy of Europe and discussed topics ranging from e-Health and virtual reality, through fake news and artificial intelligence to GDPR, EU policies and partnerships. Mozaika attended the second day of the event and visited the exhibition of European H2020 projects focusing on virtual and augmented reality, like V4Design.


Webit Europe 2018 had Mozaika in attendance

Webit Europe the annual premier conference about the digital reality and future, featuring Bulgaria as the digital capital of Europe, was this year the biggest event, organized so far, reporting about more than 7200 participants. the event was branded as Webit Festival Europe. Mariana Damova from Mozaika was one of the PRO visitors, and signed up for the Big Data for Big Decitions Meetup, that was held on June 26th 2018 at 18, Vitosha street in Sofia.


Mozaika sponsors ESSLLI 2018 as a gold sponsor

Mozaika sponsors ESSLLI 2018 - the 30ieth edition of the European Summer School in Language Logic and Information in the gold sponsors category. A professional and personal path that brought about Mozaika's core essense has started at ESSLLI 1990 held in Leuven Belgium.


More then 30 business meetings in two days. This is the outcome of Mozaika attending Industry Space Days 2018 at ESTEC in September 2018. Great opportunities! Exquisite event! 


Mozaika delivers on the project Agents of Change

Mozaika designed and developed a content management system to help unemployed youth find jobs and career orientation - Youth at Work and redesigned its partner site NoAimNoGain that offers career orientation courses. Information sessions about the sites and the underlying service will be launched mid October 2018 by the Educational Cooperation Foundation that has initiated both projects Agents of Change and No Aim No Gain.


Mozaika represents business stakeholders at EU Water Conference

The EU Water Conference has been held on September 20 and 21st in Vienna within the Austrian Presidency to the EC. During the two days stakeholders from EU, EU member states, local governments, NGOs, such as WWF, and practitioners with hands-on experience and examples of water use discussed topics ranging form policies for water management, river bassins, water polution, to monitoring and planning ad shared experiences for good practices. Mozaika represented the small portion of businesses providing services in the water management area attending the forum.


Presentation of a book published by Mozaika at the Uniersity of Tirana

The book "The dialiect system of the village Shishtevec, Kukyska Gora" published by Mozaika, has been presented on November 1st and 2nd at the University of Tirana and in Kukys by its author Prof. Luchia Antonova.


Mozaika at ESA PHI-Week held at ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

ESA Phi Week was held November 12-16, 2018 at ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. The event was dedicated to Earth Observation Open Science and FutureEO. A tremendously rich programme discussed the latest developments in Open Science, showed the trends and kick-start innovative activities looking at FutureEO within ESA Φ-lab aiming to identify, support and scale bold EO ideas. 

Space in videos

Mozaika presented a video poster, featuring ist ISME-HYDRO-BG project with ESA. This project aims at building an information system halping water resources managers to do their jobs better and easier. 

The video has been published on ESA Phi-Week YouTube channel and is in the top 30% of viewed videos of the event. Have a look.


Presentation of the book "The Dialect System of Village Shishtevec, Kukyska Gora", published by Mozaika

On October 22nd, 2018 The library of the South Western University in Blagoevgrad hosted the presentation of the book, "The Dialect System of village Shishtevec, Kukyska Gora", author Luchia Antonova-Vassileva, published by Mozaika.


Mozaika at Cope4Bg, Sofia, Bulgaria

ISME-HYDRO-BG project of Mozaika was presented at the Cope4BG conference, held on November 22 and 23rd at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, aiming at presenting opportunities and good examples to work with Copernicus data.


Mozaika featured at the international conference "Knowledge and Smart Cities", held on november 26th 2018 at Sofia Tech Park

In 2018 Mozaika has become member of the cluster "Sofia - City of knowledge" that organized the international conference Knowledge and Smart Cities, focused on the systematic approach of transforming cities into knowledge & smart cities and the role of digitalization and local governmental policies for accelerating this process. Representatives of all stakeholders shared experience, ideas and good practices. Mozaika presented materials about the company at the stand of the cluste "Sofia - City of knowledge" along with other members of the cluster.


ICT2018 - IMAGINE DIGITAL, Vienna, Austria with Mozaika in attendance

IMAGINE DIGITAL - ICT2018 event in Vienna, as part of the Austrian Presidency of EC, 4-6 December 2018 - the premier event about opportunities and future of the digital economy of Europe and Horizon Europe Programme - 2021-2017 personnally endorsed by Commissionnaire Mariya Gabriel. Mozaika was in attendance.


Mariana Damova of Mozaika - panelist at ICT2018, Vienna, Austria

Mariana Damova of Mozaika took part at ICT2018 as a panelist in the Session "Realising the potential of data for the economy and open science" organized by DG Connect of the European Commission, December 5th 2018 in Vienna.

Have a look at the discussion:


Mozaika will produce content management system with maps of the manifestation of lexical phenomena throughout Europe

Mozaika kicks-off participation in the project "Linguogeographic Study of the Relations between the Bulgarian and the European Dialect Lexicon" in collaboration with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, funded by the fund "Scientific studies", Bulgarian Ministry of Education. In this project Mozaika will produce interactive maps of the manifestation of lexical phenomena throughout Europe.


Mozaika sponsors Queryada, the annual competition organized by Varna Free University in November 2018

The annual Queriada was held in November 2018 at Varna Free University. About 50 participants competed in three categories of challenges - modelling, SQL and semantic querying. Mozaika supported the semantic querying challenge, by providing the prices of the 16 participants in the winning teams - a variety of data science courses from UDEMY, individually gifted to each member of the winning teams. 


Mozaika attends Big Data from Space (BiDS) 2019 conference

The fourth eiditon of Big Data from Space conference took place in Muenchen, organized by the German Space Agency and endorsed by the European Space Agency and the European Commission. The conference has the objective to gather the community of practitioners and users of  the massive spatio-temporal Earth and Space observation data collected by a variety of sensors - ranging from ground based to space-borne - and the synergetic use of data coming from other sources  and to showcase the development of the domain with new initiatives and breakthroughs from intelligent sensors' networks to data science application, new approaches and applications in various and diverse domains influencing life on earth and societal aspects, from sensing cities, monitoring human settlements and urban areas to climate change and security. This was Mozaika's first appearance at this event.