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Founded in 2011, Mozaika started operations in May 2013. The brand and the name Mozaika are successors of the first publishing house for foreign literature in Bulgaria after the Liberation, Mozaika of Famous Contemporary Novels. It was founded in 1909 and offered highest quality titles and world class authors to the Bulgarian reader along with innovative translation approaches. The publishing house gained soon the deserved position of an intellectual center of Bulgaria in the first half of the 20ieth century. 

The new Mozaika has succesfully completed a project for Markovski Solutions requiring the construction of a semantic knowledge base for human resources management; an interactive map of the Bulgarian dialects for the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; reports with sector analysis of the Bulgarian industry for Rittal GmbH; and has partnered with LOD2 project for adopting semantic technologies in the creation of a semantic knowledge base for the Bulgarian industry. It has also extended one of Bulgariana's collections, Wholy places, Christian Orthodoxe Temples, with videos from a 3D laser scanned image of the Church Saint George of Kremikovtsi Monastery and aggregated them to Europeana, while maintaining the communication with the European digital library. Mozaika has succesfully partnered with the Austrian National Library, Humboldt University in Berlin and the Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences within DM2E project and published Codex Supprasliensis in semantic format to Europeana. It designed and deployed a content management solution for the French Institute in Bulgaria, a content managment system Geography of Letters for publishing geo-located information related to letters and user generated content with first collection an interactive map of the scripts of Slavo-Bulgarian History by Paisij Hilendarski within a project with Sofia Municipality, and a content management system to help unemployed youth to find work within a project from the national programme for Development of the human resources in Bulgaria - Youth at Work linked to the platform for career orientation NoAimNoGain. Mozaika offers as data as a service (DaaS) - IndustryInform - a service providing sector analyses, forecasts and data about Bulgarian industry, based on semantic infrastructure integrating data from different sources and on human expert insights. Mozaika has contributed to EDSA project in the role of ambassador for Bulgaria. In 2018 the company signed a contract with the European Space Agency for an R&D project aiming at creating an Information System for Monitoring of Meteorological Elements and Conditions Related to the Water Economic Exploitation of the Important Hydropower Reservoirs in Bulgaria (ISME-HYDRO-BG).

Mozaika had two papers accepted and presented at the ISWC'2014 conference dealing with natural human-computer interfaces e.g. on natural language to ontology interoperability.

The book publishing business line of the original brand has been continued with a contract with Springer Verlag for the publication of translated into Bulgarian scientific literature. 

Mozaika intends to grow into a research center with main focus on humanizing technologies.

Mozaika is lead by Dr. Mariana Damova.


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